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Not long ago I received a very unusual and interesting request from Town&Country magazine – did I want to fly down to Charlottesville, VA in the TRUMP helicopter and shoot the the young Trump son Eric at the winery Trump had just artfully acquired from none other than former Richest Woman in America* Patricia Kluge. As soon as I heard “heli” I was in. But there were some catches (of course) – no room for an assistant, no room for lights or much equipment, no guarantee of access to some of the areas that I’d need to cover for the story (specifically the palatial Kluge mansion), and no guarantee of access to Patricia Kluge herself (she didn’t want to be photographed). No problem, get me in that helicopter and I’ll make it work.

Eric Trump ready for business

Kluge Mansion

Ready for harvest


It’s been a busy first couple of months of 2012 traveling to a variety of points north for our friends at Skanska. It’s no secret (at least to them) they’re a client I love working with.

The work has been challenging technically and physically, the locations often remote, and the results … Well, I can say both sides are really pleased.

Sadly that’s all I can say about these jobs for now due to rigid NDA’s in place. As super cool as these shoots have been they’re all about new technology that I can’t say I fully understand but is quite revolutionary. I’m hopeful the NDA’s will be lifted soon, at least on some of the shots, so I can share them and more info about them with everyone.

+ high-res version

Shot these young women a little while back in Sarah D Roosevelt Park for a Town & Country story on Bard College. Was very proud to be able to work with Eddie Lieda again – his redesign of that magazine is impeccable and can only hope my work can live up to his standards.