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It’s Dan Mackenzie and Raffaella Meloni and they’re the fab musical duo Good Day Sunshine. Just coming out with their first collection of songs, I got to shoot them last week on a lovely sunny day on NY’s Lower East Side. Catch them soon at a venue near you, and if they’re not playing near you go see them anyway.

Good Day Sunshine in NYC

Here’s part of the work I’ve been doing for Skanska, documenting some pretty high tech data systems centers support technology fabrication. It’s amazing what these guys are doing, building something completely new, completely by hand, to extremely exact tolerances, with plasma lasers and all manner of welders. Even though I risked being blinded by the brighter than the sun flashes that sparked without warning from their apparatus, and a couple times thought I’d fried my eyes/brain/lens/camera sensor/all of the above (note to OSHA: I followed proper safety guidelines at all times), I’d gladly go back and do it again. I’m told the finished product, which can be shipped on a truck, replaces the current standard technology that takes up a whole building. And it’s far more efficient. Even if I understood what was going on I couldn’t talk about it here (or anywhere else for that matter) as it’s all still under an NDA. These 3 were cleared for me to share though. Once I get permission to show the finished product and the installation I’ll share it all here.