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We recently shot artist Darinka Novitovic Chase (known by many from Cafe Florent) for the Downtown Portraits Project just outside the Danziger Gallery on Rivington Street, not far from her home and around the corner from Cafe Katja, her husband’s new restaurant on Orchard Street.

Darinka Chase

On a recent Saturday we took a lovely early morning drive up the coast to Guilford, CT to photograph the poet Susan Howe and her daughter artist R.H. Quaytman for The New York Times T Styles Magazine. While it had been very cold and snowy for quite a long time we got very lucky and had a mild, clear and sunny day. Our hosts were gracious and lovely and had great patience, calmness and focus. It was a real pleasure.

Thank you to all involved and to The Times for sending us!

Artist R.H.Quaytman and her mother the poet Susan Howe at Quaytman's home

Artist R.H.Quaytman and her mother poet Susan Howe at Quaytman’s home

Susan Howe (seated) and Rebecca Quaytman in Gulford, CT

Susan Howe (seated) and Rebecca Quaytman in Guilford, CT

Family Affair – The Mother-Daughter Thing PDF